Planning Matters

Planning is a major part of the work of both the Parish Council and the Downton Society. For the purposes of this web page, we include Conservation along with Planning. Invariably all aspects of Planning are of deep interest to all who live in Downton, and all residents are encouraged to take an interest in the process and to influence the outcomes.

There is always a Consultation stage to all Planning Applications when residents are able to write to the County Planning Department, and those letters are posted, along with the application, plans, and other related documents on the County Planning website.

This page merely outlines some of the current and prospective applications, and is purely for information.


Formula Land (Downton ) Ltd has put in a planning application for 100 houses off the Breamore Road, south of Catherine Crescent. At the same time Persimmon Homes is looking to build 100 houses next to Meadow Grange. There is growing concern about Downton taking on more houses, because of pressure on services and infrastructure.

Both the Parish Council and Downton Society will oppose the applications and will support the Neighbourhood Plan which is a strategic document overwhelmingly endorsed by residents in 2016. The plan was, and is, valid for 10 years. It focused on sustainable growth and set the level of new houses the village could take at 190 - this target has already been met. It is accepted that some low cost housing for local people may be needed, and a Housing need survey is being undertaken, but there are certainly more sustainable alternatives to large scale, speculative, development.

There are critical questions to be asked about possible negative impacts if these applications are approved - including those on traffic congestion and parking as well as drainage, sewage capacity and local environment.

It is important that residents are informed and further information can be found on the Parish Council web-site and the Downton Society web-site. The Formula Land application, PL/2021/06443, can be found on the Wiltshire Council planning portal under Planning (click here).