Moviola has returned!

As you will know, Susan and Jeremy have been running Moviola for the village for many years and have now handed over the reins to us - Lawrence and Sue Burr. We would like to thank them for all their dedication and enthusiasm and send them a very BIG thank you from all who have enjoyed so many entertaining films over the years!

As a result of Covid and our 18 months of lockdowns, Moviola has had to change some of its ways of working. We have been in contact with them and as a result there will necessarily be some changes to the way that we operate Moviola here in Downton. As Lawrence and I were both wanting to get Moviola off the ground as soon as possible for the Autumn Season, we have decided to no longer use a voting system for the choice of films, but instead we hope to offer you a diverse range of films chosen by us from the much depleted selection of films given to us by Moviola. One of the other changes is that unfortunately there appear to be no more "shorts" or cartoons available at the moment.

When we have attended the Moviola evenings in the past, I have personally always thought the chairs were very uncomfortable! Sadly, there is nothing that can be done to improve this and so I had thought I would perhaps buy some cushions. However, with the cost involved, the problems of storage and the T&Cs of the Memorial Hall, this can't be considered. So, I can only repeat what Susan and Jeremy have previously said, and encourage you to "bring your cushions" with you on the evening!

We will continue to provide refreshments and we have some ideas for the future.

We had thought of providing a children's matinee this season, but the charges from Moviola are currently prohibitive. However, we will persevere!

These are the films we have chosen for the Autumn Season, so please note in your diary:

Day Date Film Notes Details Trailer
Sat22 Jan 2022TBD

We are of course aware that over these unprecedented times, we may all have got used to snuggling up in front of Netflix at home. However, having all been double jabbed, we hope that the promise of socialising and sharing the film experience together again, will draw you once more to come to the Memorial Hall.

Lawrence and I are much looking forward to running Moviola. We would naturally very much appreciate some helping hands on the night, so if you are willing, please do get in touch and let us know as soon as you can.

Tickets at a cost of £7-, will be on sale at the Borough Cafe, and you are welcome to ask for advanced reservations to this email address as below. Tickets will also be sold on the night. Please see the attached details and trailer for "Love Sarah".

We look forward to meeting you on the night.

Sue and Lawrence Burr