JULY 2021


Covid restrictions meant that the RHS InBloom competition was cancelled again this year. Instead, Downton is entering a more focused presentation - called "It's Your Neighbourhood" (IYN).

We will concentrate on The Borough: planting new tubs on the Greens and old ones in the Memorial Gardens, multiplying hanging baskets, weeding and tidying, cleaning bridges and even installing a topiary cuckoo. The Primary School are working on a planted boot display and Eco hedge. Businesses will be engaged - the Co-Op car park refreshed - and the Scouts, Royal British Legion and Green Group will have planting projects. Residents are invited to participate. RHS assessors will view the results in July and will look for progress on planting, the environment, and, importantly, community involvement. Next year we hope the whole village can be involved.

This is a great chance to bring some light and colour to Downton after our dreary lockdown.

Hanging baskets can be made available from Baskets and Blooms at a good discount (£20 for basket and bracket) via Dr Robert Willcox, Leicester House, 72 The Borough, Downton, SP5 3LY (contact 01725-513717 for further information).

Baskets will be:
  • Fully planted
  • Provided with brackets
  • For personal collection from the Stuckton site or delivered to your doorstep

If you'd like to order baskets, participate, or make a donation towards plants for The Borough please contact Robert - or any member of the Downton Society Committee

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