Downton Bridge Over The Avon

Current Situation

At the Parish Council meeting of 22nd March, it was announced that the permission to use the land for the path from the proposed bridge to South Lane has been withdrawn. Cllr Brentor agreed to draft a Press Release to clarify the situation, and to formally announce that the bridge project would be suspended.

Thus far the Press Release has not been received, but the following was posted on Facebook as part of the Council's Annual Report:

Sadly, the Council’s long running project to create a bridge over the Avon to link the West and East parts of the village has stalled recently due to the reversal of the Estate’s permission in principle to cross their land. The Council has funded surveys to prepare for this project but will retain the research for future use should the Estate change their views at any time in the future.

However this letter from Longford Estates clarifies the matter, and confirms that the Bridge Project is defunct.